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Photo Comedian: Mixing Comedy and Photography since 1870
When I was a kid, I had a lot of aspirations. I wanted to be a basketball player, but then I stopped growing after about eighth grade. I wanted to be a news photographer, but then newspapers died. I wanted to be a comedy writer, but then I realized I couldn’t write no good.

But what I do do (yup, do do) is take great photos. And I love to make people laugh. So I figured why not mix the two: photography and comedy. And so Photo Comedian was conceived.

On January 15, 2012, 8 pound, 6 ounce baby Photo Comedian was born.

Marvin Halelamien, a registered Photo Comedian based in Los Angeles, is available for photo shoots and welcomes ideas and comments.

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Punch Up That Vintage Blazer

Wool Herringbone Blazer: Vintage  |  Tie Bar: The Tie Bar  |  Button-Up Shirt: Ben Sherman  |  Knit Tie: Polo Ralph Lauren

not shown:  Jeans: Acne Max New Raw Selvage  |  Belt: Tanner Goods  |  Brogue Boots: Allen Edmonds (Dalton)

Dog dressed in fine menswear, what a clever concept.


Jesus Takes Me on Angel’s Flight

It was during a funk concert at California Plaza in Downtown Los Angeles that I saw Him.

Apparently Jesus likes funk. 

We talked a few minutes. Then He asked if I’ve ever been on Angel’s Flight.

I said no, and He was taken aback.

“Well you have to go, my treat,” He said. 

I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Alright,” although He didn’t really wait for an answer. I mean how can you resist a freebie from Jesus.

So Jesus spotted me 50 cents.

As we walked onto the trolley, everybody’s eyes were glued to Him. It was a tight squeeze for Jesus because He’s a towering fellow and it was a small entrance. The whole time I was playing “What if God Was One of Us” in my head.

At the bottom of the hill, Jesus asked me to take a picture; an iPhone miraculously appeared from His robe. Jesus stood in the middle of the walkway with His hands gently extended out as if welcoming someone into Heaven.

Some stared. Others took photos. Most looked confused. He liked the photos I took and played around with them on Instagram. I knew Jesus was a hipster.

Overall, He seemed like a genunely nice fellow, although a little taller than expected. I’m not sure why He dresses as Jesus but He has a popular tumblr I Saw Jesus In LA.

I got Jesus’ phone number and He agreed to having His portrait taken sometime. I’m trying to think of what I should do for His portrait.

Any suggestions?

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Shtuff People Say to Photographers

Hey, that’s a nice camera!

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